Will My Medicare Cover Cataract Surgery?

Medicare might help you cover cataract surgery provided your physician considers it as medically essential. But, you will need to pay the remaining 20 percent amount of the costs approved by Medicare for the surgery.


Your Eyes & Medicare Coverage


Since Cataract surgery is likely to be carried out in an outpatient surrounding, it would be typically covered by Part B Medicare coverage. As long as your treatment is authorized by your physician & Medicare, you can be assured to get coverage for 80 percent of the surgical costs. The remaining 20 percent co-insurance costs must be covered by you.


Surgery Cost:


The precise cost of the surgery might change depending upon the medical services required by the patient. Some factors might affect the patient’s out of pocket expenses. These include outpatient vs inpatient surgery, yearly deductibles & other insurance coverage. People enrolled in Medicare Supplement Plans can expect their policy to pay for part or the entire 20 percent cost of Part B coinsurances. The degree of amount could vary depending upon your selected policy.


Things to Remember:


Taking below mentioned steps before the cataract surgery might help reduce unexpected expenditures:


Consult with your health care provider about costs associated with the surgery as well as follow-up care.

Know whether you’ll be considered as outpatient or inpatient for the procedure, as this might affect your out of pocket expenses.

Review your yearly Part A and B Medicare deductibles for knowing if you will need to pay extra costs prior to Medicare covers their share.

Get in touch with your insurance company & know how much you’ll be paying post-Medicare.

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Your healthcare provider may suggest extra services or visits than those approved by Medicare. So, you might have to pay for some or each of the additional charges. So, ensure to consult with your physician & Medicare policy provider for confirming your coverage prior to every medical visit.


Eye Examinations for Cataract: Are They Covered?


Normally, Medicare won’t be covering your eye exams. But, Medicare could cover an eye test in order to decide if you’ve cataracts or not. Be sure to communicate with an experienced eye doctor to get further assistance on this matter.